Express Your Buddhahood!


Express Your Buddhahood!

This is the official online shopping mall of Dharma BOOM of America, Inc.

Founded in 2005 and registered in New York State in 2008, our company has been serving mostly Korean sangha as a major supplier of Buddhist cultural items and Dharma crafts here in America. Now we are stepping forward to a bigger world.

May this site help and benefit all of you on the Path.

Buddhism is Buddha’s teaching. What has to be noted, however, is that the teaching is about life. Buddhism is not just about meditation or Sutra study, but it is all about the way we live. In other words, Buddhism is a way of life for people who follow Buddha’s teaching which deals with our birth, aging, ailment, death and beyond.

This site is designed to help and support the Sangha to lead and enjoy the Buddhist way of life. As a noble way of life, Buddhism has developed a brilliant culture that ranges from spiritual practice to everyday life. Wherever it goes, Buddhism has created a deep, beautiful and practical culture.

We are making this site in an effort to respond to the long and brilliant history of Buddhist culture. We would like to contribute to building a new tradition of American Buddhism.

Buddha taught that everyone has Buddha nature. We are all Buddhas. Live like a Buddha. Express your Buddhahood. A new culture will appear while each individual follows Buddha’s teaching and practices Dharma. This process, we call “Dharma BOOM.” This is our vision we are earnestly working on. Dharma BOOM is our mantra.

We sincerely invite you to chant this mantra together.
Thank you very much.

Palms together,

Jong K. Yi (Aka. Dharma BOOM)
President of Dharma BOOM of America, Inc.